Amazon Rainforest Beverages, Skin Care, & Herbs from the Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest Beverages

Want to Have More Fun?  Get Energized?  Feel Great? Nurture Your Skin?  Help Others? Save the Rainforest?

You can have an amazing experience eating wildfood grown in the rainforest, because plants that grow in rich Amazon rainforest soil are packed with nutrients that give us energy.



To experience the joy, and benefit of eating wildfood, or using skin care products with wild herbs, click the Nutritional Products or Skin Care Products link above!

Each of the herbs in the nutritional and skin care products we distribute has been sustainably harvested by experienced tribal people who have lived in the rainforest all their lives.  The knowledge they use to care for plants has been passed down for generations.

These tribal people treat everything in the rainforest with reverence.  And we treat this gentle people, indigenous to the Amazon, with the utmost respect.  Our partnership has allowed these people to revitalize their villages and sustain their traditional lifestyles.